6 handy chemo must-haves for your handbag

Starting chemotherapy is a huge adjustment – cancer forces you to focus on your body and look after yourself for once.

Here’s six bits and pieces I never leave the house without now…


Hand gel

For me, one of the biggest risks during chemotherapy is catching an infection which could floor me. That’s down to my low neutrophil count – aka, I have an eeny teeny immune system. I have now turned into a germ freak and am not afraid to get the hand gel out any time, any place. Oh and it has a lovely grapefruit fragrance – winner!


Another cheeky side effect is increased sensitivity to the sun and I’ve been caught out a few times where the sun has come out unexpectedly and I can feel my Scottish skin starting to fry so a miniture suncream is a must.

Anti-sickness tablets

Self-explanatory… so you can continue to enjoy your day without that boke feeling hitting you.

Water bottle

I need to drink A LOT of water… 3 litres a day ideally, especially the day before chemo so I always have a water bottle in tow wherever I go now. It makes it so much easier to get all the fluid you need and having a pretty one helps for sure. Although a struggle at first, you quickly get into the habit of getting enough water down you, and you feel so much better for it.


I’ve found those pesky dry lips can strike at any time so I’ve ditched the lippy for a moisture friendly chap stick for whenever my lips feel a little on the cripsy side… a friend gave me a lovely organic Peppermint and Citrus one which works a treat.



Last but definitely not least is to make sure my handy Headspace meditation app is downloaded safely from the app store onto my phone. We can’t forget our mental health in all of this after all.

Headspace is a great little guided meditation and mindfulness app that let’s you take anywhere between one and 10 minutes out of your day when it all gets too much. There’s a dedicated pack specifically designed for people coping with cancer which I can’t recommend enough – particularly as the founder himself has fought the disease and understands all the crazy emotions that come with a diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

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